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In the aftermath of the deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, aggravated by the restrictions imposed on normal social and cultural manifestations of grief and the lack of a national public health strategy for the issue of grief and an educational culture on death, the impact on the mental health of bereaved individuals is expected to be significant.
The “AURORA@COVID19-EU” project aims to facilitate an articulated response to support bereavement and grief in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will develop training resources for clinical psychologists, formal and informal agents, as well as a best practice guide. These health professionals will intervene directly with bereaved people with the support of their national health systems, thus becoming agents for the dissemination of good practice in partner countries and across Europe. The project also foresees a community strategy to reach the bereaved population, particularly the most vulnerable, thus enhancing access to appropriate intervention responses.




Training Manual for Clinical Psychologists


Training Manual for Direct Agents


Training Manual for Indirect Agents


Good Practices Guide

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